I suspect the root cause of Jim Gibson becoming a social psychologist is his incredibly ugly face. Jim Gibson is a poor human specimen represented by his weak, inadequate phenotype. As a youth, Jim was always on the outside looking in, trying to understand why he was excluded by stronger, fitter males (and females [this explains the adoption of a weak, effeminate personality]). Then one day, a light went off in his grotesque head, suggesting that ‘Ole Jimbo’ become a psychologist (and a professor of social psychology at the University of Victoria), thereby allowing Jim an understanding as to why his ‘fellow’ classmates found him so incredibly repulsive. Jim’s career choice allows him access to those same people who excluded him as a youth. I guess the saying: ‘A man is driven in total by his insecurities’ may be applied here. Jim Gibson you are a pathetic, ugly man feeding off of those around you. In sum, you are a parasite.

Floyd Swanson - A dialogue on Owning My Whiteness